Strikes at Air France and SNCF: Traffic Forecasts in Toulouse this Wednesday

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Distruptions because of strike action at SNCF and Air France in Toulouse

Wednesday 18th April, 2018, the strike movements continue at the SNCF and Air France. Disturbances are to be expected on flights and trains to and from Toulouse. Details.

The strike movement within the airline Air France continues Wednesday, April 18, 2018, while that at the SNCF resumed. For this new black Wednesday, here are the disturbances planned in Toulouse.

At Air France, about thirty canceled flights

The flight traffic will again be very disturbed, and it is more than advisable to inquire about his plane before going to the airport of Toulouse-Blagnac … It is again the shuttle Toulouse-Paris which will be strongly disturbed , with many cancellations of flights to the key.

Here are the canceled flights departing from Toulouse-Blagnac airport:

  • 06.20: Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 06 h 45:  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 06:45: Lyon by HOP!
  • 07 h 00:  Paris-CDG by Air France
  • 07:10 am  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 9 am:  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 9:30 am  Paris-CDG by Air France
  • 10:05 am  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 10:25 am  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 10 h 35:  Paris-CDG by Air France
  • 10 h 50:  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 12 noon:  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 13:20  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 5:10 pm  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 17:55  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 6:15 pm  Paris-CDG  by Air France
  • 19:05  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 20:45  Paris-CDG by Air France
  • 21:15  Paris-Orly  by Air France

And here the flights arriving from Toulouse-Blagnac airport:

  • 08:15:  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 08 h 45:  Paris-CDG by Air France
  • 09.20:  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 09:35:  Lyon  by HOP!
  • 09 h 40:  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 10.55 am  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 11:05 am  Paris-CDG by Air France
  • 12:35 pm  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 14 h 25:  Paris-CDG by Air France
  • 4:15 pm  Paris-CDG by Air France
  • 16:25  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 5:10 pm  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 20:00  Paris-CDG by Air France
  • 20 h 30:  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 9:20 pm  Paris-Orly  by Air France
  • 22 h 20:  Paris-CDG by Air France

The SNCF strike resumes

Users have become accustomed to it, since the SNCF , in its strike calendar, foresees at least two days of disruption of the railway network per week. The strike resumed from Wednesday, April 18, 2018, and will continue until Thursday, April 19, 2018.

Here are the forecasts communicated by the SNCF Occitanie , for the day of Wednesday, in Occitanie:

  • TER:  1 train out of 3 (the biggest part by coaches)
  • TGV: 1 train out of 10
  • Intercités de jour: 1 train out of 10
  • Intercités de nuit: no train traffic

Line-by-line traffic

Here are the traffic forecasts, line by line, for Wednesday, April 18, 2018 and Thursday, April 19, 2018, from Toulouse:

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