Near Lyons: This Star Academy-like Chateau For Sale 1

Near Lyons: This Star Academy-like Chateau For Sale

In the Haut-Beaujolais, 1 hour from Lyon, a luxurious chateau for sale for nearly 2 million euros. Its external appearance resembles that, very famous, of the Star Academy. Red bricks and white stones, grey roof, small central alley, large park all around… This chateau could almost be confused with that of Vives-Eaux in Seine-et-Marne, which was […]

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Why it will be difficult to borrow in 2023 for Property

Real estate: Why it Will Still be Difficult to Borrow in 2023

Financing a property is becoming more and more expensive with the rise in the cost of credit. In such proportions that the context of this year 2023 may call into question borrowing projects. In recent times, prospective homebuyers need to exercise caution as interest rates continue to climb steadily. This persistent rise in rates, observed over […]

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Island for sale in Southern Brittany

Real Estate: Who Wants to Buy an Island and its Beach in Southern Brittany?

In southern Brittany, in the ria d’Etel, an island is for sale. The future buyer will enjoy a house and a beach all to himself for nearly 3 million euros. Do you dream of the life of Robinson Crusoe? With a little (a lot) of money, you can afford this dream in South Brittany. An island is for sale in […]

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Branches, hedges and brambles… What should you do if your neighbour's plants encroach on your property?

Branches, Hedges and Brambles… What Should You Do if your Neighbour’s Plants encroach on your property?

If you notice that your neighbour’s branches or brambles are sticking out on your property, what are your means of action? What does the law say? Explanations with Vincent Le Goc, a lawyer at the bar of Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) and Yves Honhon, a lawyer at the bar of Nantes (Loire-Atlantique). “I am a tenant of my […]

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Nearly 90 exhibitors will be present at the Salon de l'Immobilier in Toulouse, from September 27 to 29, 2019.

Toulouse: Two Shows in One at the Parc des Expos, this weekend

Salon de l’Immobilier will be held at the Parc des Expositions in Toulouse, at the same time as the salon de l’habitat Two shows in one this weekend at the Parc des Expositions in Toulouse. From Friday 27th September to Sunday 29th September 2019, the Salon de l’Immobilier exhibition will bring together professionals from the property […]

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Count on average 236 000 euros if you want to buy a house in Haute-Garonne.

Property in Haute-Garonne: The Price of Old Houses Explodes

In Haute-Garonne, the price of old houses has risen sharply in one year. Here are the prices in Toulouse and in the main communes of the department. The dynamism of the Toulouse market is felt even more on the Haute-Garonne . Sales volumes are increasing almost everywhere (+ 3.8% for old apartments, + 21% in new homes and + […]

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Commercial waste land located in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) the Forum Saint-Aubin is now for sale on Le Bon Coin.

Châteaubriant: The Forum Saint-Aubin For Sale on Le Bon Coin

A commercial wasteland located in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) on the Saint-Aubin-des-Châteaux road, the Forum Saint-Aubin is now on sale on Le Bon Coin. The most recent of the commercial wastelands of Châteaubriant ( Loire-Atlantique ) is for sale on Le Bon Coin . Since April 27th, 2019 , an advertisement is indeed online on the merchant site. It was in 2008 that the commercial units of […]

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Which city do apartments rent the fastest

Studio, T2, T3, T4 … in Which Cities are the Apartments Renting the Fastest?

The site has achieved the ranking of cities where the time to rent apartments to a tenant are the shortest. Details. Finding accommodation is often a pain for both the tenant and the landlord . Whether it is a studio, a T2, a T3, T4, T5 … the apartments can leave very quickly depending on the city. To see more clearly, the site […]

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The ranch of Michael Jackson is for sale

Neverland: Michael Jackson Ranch is Selling for 31 Million Dollars

Back on the market, the old ranch, Neverland, of Michael Jackson is selling for $ 31 million, well below the $ 100 million claimed four years ago. The vast ranch of “King of Pop” Michael Jackson in California, Neverland , is back on the real estate market priced at $ 31 million , well below the $ 100 million claimed four years earlier. […]

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