Toulouse: A Food Pyramid to Promote Vegan Gastronomy

Local News
A food pyramid will be built behind the Capitol, in Toulouse.

Saturday 17th March, 2018, the association L214 celebrates the 34th edition of the meatless day by building a food pyramid, General-De-Gaulle Square, in Toulouse.

L 214 is mobilizing in Toulouse this Saturday, March 17, 2018, on the occasion of the 34th edition of the World No Meat Day . The association of defense of the animals, very active in the Pink City, gives appointment at 14:00, square of General-De-Gaulle , around a food pyramid.

Vegan and diverse diet

The association explains:

The food pyramid will illustrate the fundamentals of a rich and diverse diet to stay healthy. At each level of the pyramid will be found a vegan food category with small signs that indicate their nutritional intake.

For the sake of staying healthy, bypassing all animal foods. L 214 volunteers will also offer vegan recipes for tasting to “discover the diversity and quality of this cuisine”.

Quiz and vegan challenge

A quiz on the issue will also be organized and the association will propose to the volunteers to participate in the Veggie Challenge, a challenge that proposes to test the meat-free diet for 21 days.

Practical information:
Saturday, March 17, from 2pm to 4.30pm, square de Gaulle in Toulouse.

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