Angoulême: A Snake closes the l’île aux Vaches

Local News
A Snake has closed l'île aux vaches,in Angoulême

This exotic snake does not present a danger, according to firefighters.

The reptile made walkers jump on l’île aux Vaches, in Angoulême, this Sunday. And for good reason, they saw a snake four feet long and brightly coloured, according to a video viewed by firefighters. City officials first thought it was a coral snake, one of the most venomous races in the world.

Let’s fight. Municipal services evacuated the area and cordoned off the perimeter. The firefighters intervened… before realizing that the oviparous is in fact an exotic snake escaped from its vivarium. It presents no danger and has taken refuge in the brushwood.

To avoid being overwhelmed with calls, the town hall maintains the closure of the island until tomorrow. Technical services agents and firefighters will attempt a rescue operation tomorrow Monday… If the snake survives until then. It could succumb to the low temperatures expected overnight.

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