Sexual Harassment: Minister Nicolas Hulot Denounced Rumours as “ignominious”

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The Minister of ecological transition Nicolas Hulot, January 30, 2018 in Brussels

Nicolas Hulot, the Minister of ecological transition, denied Thursday morning rumours of sexual harassment that would target him.

The Minister of ecological transition Nicolas Hulot denied Thursday, February 8, 2018 on BFMTV  rumors “ignominious” sexual harassment that would target the .

“The answer is no and I say with as much force as the person who is clearly identified, with whom I am in touch, will tell you exactly the same thing, and the worst of it is that it has been questioned by some of your colleagues and had did the same answer, “he said, when asked about the existence of the charges allegedly a former collaborator.

“My children cry”

Also asked about a complaint “by the granddaughter of a famous politician,” it nevertheless acknowledged the filing in 2008 of a complaint by a young woman “major” concerning “allegations dating back to 1997,” and classified as “no action”.

“This complaint was closed without further because not only the case was prescribed, but I was interviewed by the police at my request, and investigators quickly concluded that there was nothing that would continue this case, according to the former presenter of Ushuaia. I obviously do nothing to reproach myself ..

“It hurts when it’s unfair, when it is unfounded, because yesterday my children were in tears,” he said, citing “a nightmare.”

“I’m not afraid of the truth”

Asked about the possibility that he could resign from the government, he replied: “I have not thought about it.”  “This is my family, this is what will guide my decision,” he added, however.

“I’m not afraid of the truth, I’m afraid of the rumour is a slow poison that kills,” added the minister, who said “there we crossed a red line.”

The weekly Ebdo , who plans to publish information about it as BFMTV, declined to “communicate, reply” according to its publishing director Thierry Mandon, contacted by AFP .

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