Nutrition Labeling: A New Colour Logo will Land in April

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New nutition labelling system to be introduced in France

HEALTH: Nutri-Score system will indicate the quality of the products by displaying a set of five colors, ranging from green to dark orange …

A new type of simplified nutritional logo with a colour code indicating the quality of food and this on the packaging will come into force next April, will we learned Wednesday.

Dubbed Nutri-Score, however this labeling will not be compulsory since European regulations prohibited to impose such a measure. The sticker, which the establishment is under the Health Act, aims to inform consumers about particular products high in sugar, fat or salt to deter French to buy these too large quantity.

5 colors, “from green to dark orange”

This is the Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, who announced the arrival of the Nutri-System Score in  Le Parisien , adding that the information would be given to buyers in the form of a logo of a color ” from green to dark orange depending on the quality of the product. ”

This nutritional assessment system with five colors was conceived in 2014 by the President of the National Nutrition Health Plan (PNNS), the epidemiologist Serge Hercberg and then recommended by the High Council for Public Health (HCSP).

“I rely on consumer pressure”

But industrialists were against the project, they felt stigmatized for their products, and prevented the adoption of Nutri-Score system until validated by a decree. Marisol Touraine now hopes the giant agribusiness adopt the logo.

“The results of studies have recently shown that the most relevant logos to help eat healthy is the Nutri-Score. […] I count on pressure from consumers, who need to be informed, so that manufacturers are moving in this direction “, told the Minister of Health.

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