Weather in Lorient: Rain and Strong Winds

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The weather in Forecast for Lorient is a weekend of rain and strong winds

WEEKEND WEATHER: The weather forecast for the weekend is not looking very good for Lorient and the surrounding areas with plenty of rain and wind

After the passage of a gust of wind in the morning across Lorient and Brittany, the ocean flows will continue to generate rain and wind for all the weekend, although it will feel a bit milder especially for the time of the year.


The passage of a new gust of wind generates good rains until mid morning followed by low to moderate rainfall from mid-morning to mid-day. In the afternoon, the vast front that undulates near the Atlantic to France generates a sky remained overcast and gray with light rain (sometimes moderate) continuous.

The wind calms down a bit …

Wind west stormy early morning (force 7, 55-65 km/h gusting 90-100 km/h, 105-115 Groix and exposed headlands) fading after 10am (force 6 gusting 80-90 km/h 95-105 Groix) and afternoon (force 5, 30-40 km/h gusting 65-75 km/h, 75-85 km/h).

Fort Blocked: westerly swell 4-4.5 m and 3.5-4 m. Low: 4 / 5 degrees; maximum: 11 / 12 degrees; (3 / 4 degrees to 11 / 12 degrees inland). Overcast, with a grey cloudy evening with light rain. Wind west northwest 65-75 km/h (85 Groix); 12 degrees from 8pm to midnight.


The wide disruption that slides from the central Atlantic to the UK generates in the morning and midday, overcast, gray enough with low enough regular rainfall.

No change in the afternoon, under a blanket compact and opaque cloud generating low continuous rains a relative sweetness tempered by a strong wind.

With dawn to sunset

Wind west remain strong enough from dawn to sunset (force (force 4-5 gusting 55-65 km/h, 65-75 Groix and coastline exposed) Fort Blocked. Westerly swell southwest 2.5-3 m Low: 11 / 12 degrees; max. 12 / 13 degrees (10 / 11 degrees to 12 / 13 degrees inland) overcast in the evening with grey clouds. Low mist; sustained westerly winds (65-75 km / h, 85 Groix).


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