Secondary Roads at 80 km/h: The Prime Minister Ready to be “Unpopular”

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Likely next announcement of a reduction in road speed to 80 km/h on secondary roads in France

Tuesday 9th January, the government will announce the extent of lowering the road speed of 90-80 km/h on the 400 000 km of roads in the country in order to “save lives”.

Edouard Philippe defends the probable reduction of speed to 80 km/h on secondary roads . He “understands arguments, and even bad mood,” and said he will accept being “unpopular” necessary “to save lives” , in an interview with JDD .

In an attempt to stem the persistent rise in the number of road deaths, the government will announce on Tuesday lowered to 80 km / h maximum speed of 400 000 km of roads.

“I will be criticized”

“I know that if we announce this measure I am criticized. But I know it will save lives , and I want to save lives. I understand the arguments, and even bad mood, but I’m not doing it to increase revenue to the state – indeed, we will announce things about it. And if saving lives must be unpopular, I agree to be “pleads the prime minister.

Reporters asking him if he must always go through France bans for results, the head of government replies that “there are 3,500 dead and 70,000 injured each year, 70,000! After decades of progress, our performance deteriorated. Well I refuse to regard it as inevitable. Every time a politician has had the courage to engage, the results have been spectacular. ”

Several personalities, including former Socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who agreed with the majority LREM, Friday signed an appeal to support the speed reduction to 80km/h on secondary roads, a measure against which ‘ there is no argument. “

This provision is part of a plan of measures that will be formalized at the end of an interdepartmental Council road safety (IRB).

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