Savoie: A 9 Year Old Girl Swept Away by an Avalanche on a Green Track

Local News
The girl was in Valmeinier resort in Savoie

On Tuesday afternoon, an avalanche broke out on a green track at Valmeinier, in Savoie, sweeping away a girl. She was rescued by her ski boot.

The Savoie is facing a very high risk of avalanches. Tuesday 9th January , the tragedy could have been so much worse, reports the Dauphine Libere . In the afternoon, a snow slide  of 20 meters wide and 1.50 meters high swept across a green track at Valmeinier .

A 9 year old girl, who was with a group with an instructor, was swept away.  She found herself almost completely buried, but has been rediscovered thanks to her ski boot, it was above the snow.

The young victim, shocked but unharmed, was rescued and taken to the medical centre of the resort to be seen by a doctor, says France 3 .

Rescuers searched the area with several dogs to make sure there were no other victims.

A skier killed in the Hautes-Pyrenees

Avalanches have been particularly intense in recent days. A skier was killed Tuesday and another injured in the Hautes-Pyrenees, and Columbia has one person has been missing in the Alps.

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