Savoie and Haute-Savoie placed on orange alert for avalanches

Avalanches: Savoie and Haute-Savoie Placed on Orange Alert by Meteo France

ALERT: A strong warming of temperatures will weaken the strong snowpack threatening avalanches in Savoie and Haute-Savoie, causing the Orange alert warning by Meteo France Meteo France issued an avalanche warning bulletin on Saturday afternoon. This orange alert concerns the two Alpine departments of Savoie and Haute-Savoie. The alert will begin Sunday at noon and end Monday morning, says the weather agency. […]

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Meteo France has placed 14 departments on Orange Alert

Snow, Ice, Avalanches or Floods: Meteo France Places 14 Departments on Orange Alert

Fourteen departments were placed on orange alert for snow, ice, avalanches or floods Thursday 31st January. The snow episode starts around 4pm. Caution on the roads! A new snow episode is expected in France this Thursday 31st January, 2019 from 4pm. Meteo France has placed 14 departments on orange alert for snow,  ice,  avalanches or floods. 🔶 14 dpts en #vigilanceOrange Restez informés sur — […]

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The girl was in Valmeinier resort in Savoie

Savoie: A 9 Year Old Girl Swept Away by an Avalanche on a Green Track

On Tuesday afternoon, an avalanche broke out on a green track at Valmeinier, in Savoie, sweeping away a girl. She was rescued by her ski boot. The Savoie is facing a very high risk of avalanches. Tuesday 9th January , the tragedy could have been so much worse, reports the Dauphine Libere . In the afternoon, a snow slide  of 20 meters wide and […]

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Due to Avalanches, one person is dead and one injured in the Pyrenees

Avalanches: One Dead and One Wounded in the Pyrenees, a Missing Person in the Alps

A skier was killed Tuesday and another injured in the Hautes-Pyrenees after avalanches have also hit the Alps, where a Briton was missing. A skier was killed Tuesday and another injured in the Hautes-Pyrenees after avalanches have also hit the Alps , where a Briton has been missing since Sunday , we have learned from rescue services. In the […]

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Skiers walk past a banner warning of the risk of avalanches in a ski resort in Savoie,

Savoie: Lifting the Red Alert for Avalanches

Following an “exceptional” snow, Savoie had been placed on red alert Avalanche, Monday, January 8. Vigilance was lifted, but remain cautious. The red alert for avalanches , which was the Savoie since Monday was lifted on Tuesday morning but the department is maintained in amber alert. Two other Alpine departments are also affected by avalanches: the Hautes-Alpes and Alpes-Maritimes, France Weather said in […]

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Savoy is placed in red alert for risk of avalanches.

Avalanches: Savoy Placed on Red Alert

Monday 8th January, Savoy was placed on red alert for avalanches. Five other departments are on orange alert for the risk of flooding, storms and avalanches. After the passage of Eleanor storm , which leaves behind six dead , five departments are always placed in orange alert for storms, floods and avalanches, according to Météo France. The Savoy, it is placed on red alert for avalanches, due to “exceptional circumstances […]

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Eleanor storm, 25 departments remain on Orange alert

Eleanor Storm: 25 Departments on Orange Alert for Floods, Missing Firefighter

After the passage of the Eleanor storm, which leaves behind three dead and one missing firefighter, 25 departments remain on orange alert for flooding on Friday 5th January. The Eleanor storm left three dead and one missing in France since Wednesday. She leaves behind flooded villages, the skiers stranded with the risk of avalanches and exceptional fires in Corsica, which are […]

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Eleanor Storm has so far caused one dead and four seriously injured

Eleanor Storm: One Dead, Four Seriously Injured and Maximum Risk of Avalanches

Thursday 4th January, 21 departments are still placed in orange alert due to Eleanor storm, which left one dead and 29 wounded in France. One dead, 29 injured, four seriously, 35,000 without electricity households. The Eleanor storm reached in the night from Wednesday 3 to Thursday, 4 January the southern half of France with strong winds and […]

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Strong winds are forecast for the weather in France

Weather: Violent Storm and Winds Sunday and Monday in France

Ana storm arrived on Saturday evening on the Brittany and Normandy coast, bringing with it strong winds and rain in abundance for Sunday and Monday. Twelve departments were placed on orange alert snow and ice. A very active disturbance will move Sunday on the Hexagon, according to forecasts from Météo-France, because of the storm named Ana. Meteo […]

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The resort at Isola 2000 mercantour is cut off as an Avalanche has blocked the access road

Riviera: The station Isola 2000 Cut from the World after Avalanche

Since Sunday, Mercantour is on orange alert “avalanches” … The latest heavy snow has hit the access to the ski station.  “Due to an avalanche on the access road to Isola 2000 (RM 97 – Isola), it is cut in both directions to traffic, since 1.15am Monday morning, for an indefinite period,”  indicated the department Alpes-Maritimes and […]

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