Grosse Fatigue: How to Recover from the Flu?

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People offer suffer fatigue after the flu

Tiredness: After contracting the influenza virus, patients are usually plagued by a big blow of fatigue …

  • According to Public Health France, the biggest of the flu epidemic is now behind us for raw winter 2017/2018.

  • But for many patients infected with the virus, we need to face a big blow fatigue.

  • With some simple steps, you can quickly recover.

The peak was reached, and the worst of the flu is now behind us, this week provides Healthcare France in its latest weekly bulletin . Well, not quite behind. Slammed, more strength, dead battery? When you’re part of the unlucky ones who caught seasonal flu, once past the most difficult days of fever, aches and whatnot associated with the virus, we are left – you can tell us – as a wreck, plagued a large pump stroke that leaves on the ball. “This strain corresponds to a post-viral symptom valid for flu as for other respiratory viruses circulating at the moment, “say together doctors Jean-Lalau Keraly and Jean-Louis Bensoussan. There is no miracle cure, but with some good practices can quickly recover.

Water, water, water

This applies every day, but at the end of the flu, “you have to drink lots of water, prescribed Dr. Jean-Lalau Keraly, pediatric nutritionist. In fighting the virus influenza, the agency is subject to a fever that can be intense. ” This fever causes dehydration it is absolutely necessary to counter “dehydration 1% may be sufficient in itself to cause muscle loss and increases the fatigue experienced, warns the pediatrician. Moreover, regarding the aches that occur during the acute period of the disease if they are partly caused by the virus, which causes muscle inflammation, they are also the direct result of dehydration. ”

In addition to drinking lots of water, as it re-hydrates the caregiver in his plate. “We must focus on water-rich foods, such as vegetable soups, sauces and dairy products, which also have the advantage of being easily digestible,” suggests the paediatrician.

Rest, rest, rest (and some walking)

After the flu, although fifteen days we spend stashed warm under the duvet. Nothing more normal. Strained by the virus, the body first needs a lot of rest. If your child has had the flu, “he must go to bed as soon as the following day, to allow him to recover,” advises Dr. Lalau-Keraly. A council that goes for adults.

But “do not give in to this sudden fatigue: it is important to resume physical activity, however slight, walking a bit, recommends Dr. Jean-Louis Bensoussan, GP and member of the union MG France . The disease weakened immune defenses, but they are also diminished every day when we are not physically fit. ”

Vitamins for rebooster

After a short week in sweat fever and eat almost nothing, the body needs fuel to rebooster. “We forget the pizza says Dr. Bensoussan. We must take a balanced diet rich in vitamins, focusing on fruits and green vegetables. “No need to pharmacy supplementation,” the best cures of vitamin C is to eat an orange and a kiwi a day, “promises the GP.

“Vitamin C supplementation is not recommended for toddlers,” adds Dr. Lalau-Keraly. But large and small “can also opt for a little salty foods to counter the loss of mineral salts due to dehydration.”

Observe common sense measures

If you have had the flu this year, you are quiet for the season. “We caught a priori not the flu twice in the same year reassures Dr. Lalau-Keraly. But do not forget to observe the rules of hygiene required to avoid contaminating his family: hand washing, use of disposable tissues (followed by a new hand washing). And think about airing a few minutes the interior is important, even if you are sick, do not zap the renewal of the air. ”

For the pediatrician, “prevention is crucial in the field of influenza and, although the effectiveness of the virus varies from year to year, the first HIV prevention measure remains vaccination , primarily fragile children , older people and professionals working in contact with them  . “

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