Pyrénées-Orientales: The sale of above-ground swimming pools will soon be banned

Pyrénées-Orientales: The Sale of Above-Ground Swimming Pools will Soon be Banned

DROUGHT: The Minister for Ecological Transition announced this Friday morning on RTL a new measure to save water in the Pyrénées-Orientales department. The drought is forcing the authorities to increase restrictions on the use of water, particularly in the Pyrénées-Orientales, one of the most affected in France. This is the message conveyed this Friday morning on RTL by Christophe […]

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France experienced 32 days without real rain, new historic record

Drought: France Experienced 32 Days Without Real Rain, New Historic Record

CLIMATE CHANGE: It is the longest meteorological drought ever recorded, according to Meteo France French soils are dying of thirst. Metropolitan France did not experience real rain for thirty-two days, the longest meteorological drought ever recorded, which should however be interrupted this Wednesday with the return of some precipitation, we learned from Meteo France. From January 21 to February 21, the aggregate […]

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Water vapor discovered in the atmosphere of Mars

Water Vapour Discovered in the Atmosphere of Mars

SPACE: Water evaporates as hydrogen from Martian atmosphere, two British scientists say Things are happening over our heads. And more precisely, around Mars, the red planet. In addition to placing the respective probes of the Emirates and China into orbit around Mars, two British scientists said Wednesday they had detected water vapour escaping from the Martian atmosphere. A new clue that could support the thesis […]

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Nitrates, heavy metals, microplastics ... our water is more and more polluted

Nitrates, Heavy Metals, Microplastics … Our Water is More and More Polluted

According to a World Bank study released Tuesday 20th August 2019, all countries are affected by this invisible crisis. It calls on states to take urgent measures. The quality of water, polluted by nitrates, heavy metals and microplastics, has become “an invisible crisis” affecting rich countries as poor countries, the World Bank alarmed in a report published Tuesday 20th August […]

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Drought is spreading in France, water restriction measures have been taken in 61 departments.

Drought: Water Restrictions in 64 Departments, Measures Taken Near You

In total, 121 orders to force individuals and professionals to save water. These water restrictions are due to continue until the end of the summer as the drought spreads Sun and heat. Summer weather delights tourists and traders. But the lack of rain for several weeks is also and above all a source of concern in certain regions. And this […]

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People offer suffer fatigue after the flu

Grosse Fatigue: How to Recover from the Flu?

Tiredness: After contracting the influenza virus, patients are usually plagued by a big blow of fatigue … According to Public Health France, the biggest of the flu epidemic is now behind us for raw winter 2017/2018. But for many patients infected with the virus, we need to face a big blow fatigue. With some simple steps, […]

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Pollution of bromate made improper consumption of water in the commune of Villeneuve in the Alpes de Haute-Provence.

Water Polluted with Bromate in a Town in Haute-Provence

Pollution of bromate, from a plant of Arkema chemicals group made undrinkable water from the commune of Villeneuve (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence), we learned from corroborating sources. “Analyzes of the water carried by the regional health agency on March 20th showed that it was unfit for human consumption due to the presence of bromate at levels above the […]

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What is the water quality like in the Loire Atlantique

Loire Atlantique: Is the Tap Water of Good Quality?

ENVIRONMENT: Many checks are conducted to test the drinking water supplied by municipalities … If three quarters of the inhabitants of the Pays de la Loire reported drinking tap water distributed in their town, just over a third ensures consume as exclusive drink. Many have in fact more confidence in the mineral water. Are they […]

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The lack of rainfall in the Morbihan is a concern

Morbihan: Already Preventive Measures as lack of Rain Continues

It does not rain enough. The rainfall deficit recorded since June 2016 generated a low water – minimum flow of the rivers – in mid-August. “Its effects are still being felt,” said Françoise Jéhanno, General Services yesterday in Vannes, at the trade union committee of Eau du Morbihan, the public drinking water. “It was low flow […]

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A study concludes that 2.8 million French drink polluted water

2.8 Million French Drink Polluted Water

Almost all the French can safe to drink tap water, but 2.8 million people have access only to polluted water in particular by pesticides, nitrates or lead, said Thursday a study of UFC-Que Choisir. “The overall conclusion is very reassuring” , says consumer association which analyzed systems serving 36,600 communes of France from February 2014 […]

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