People offer suffer fatigue after the flu

Grosse Fatigue: How to Recover from the Flu?

Tiredness: After contracting the influenza virus, patients are usually plagued by a big blow of fatigue … According to Public Health France, the biggest of the flu epidemic is now behind us for raw winter 2017/2018. But for many patients infected with the virus, we need to face a big blow fatigue. With some simple steps, […]

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The flu epidemic strikes throughout France

The Flu Epidemic Strikes Throughout France: 15-64 Particularly Affected

So far spared, Corsica is no longer immune to flu symptoms, which has been sweeping across France The whole of France shivered and blew his nose during the first week of January including Corsica, hitherto spared . The flu epidemic threshold is crossed throughout mainland France. From the 1st to the 7th January, 423 cases per 100,000 inhabitants […]

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