Eleanor Storm: The State of Natural Disaster requested in Saint-Malo

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Eleanor Storm: The State of Natural Disaster requested in Saint-Malo 1

The tides, combined with Eleanor storm did damage in Saint-Malo. The mayor claims the state of natural disaster for his city.

Saint-Malo licks its wounds after the Eleanor storm . The first high tide of 2018 made damage in the pirate town.

“I had the Ille-et-Vilaine prefect on the phone just now. I asked him that the state of natural disaster was declared for Saint-Malo, “explained Mayor Claude Renoult, late morning this Thursday, January 4, 2018.”

Crisis unit

A crisis involving state services, fire, police and council services has even been activated in St. Malo. “The tides are not completed. We need to attend to the most urgent and consolidate our works. ”

Individuals who have been impacted by these tides must as quickly contact the town hall of Saint Malo 02 99 40 71 11. “We have five days to build a case for the state of natural disaster is recognized,” says Claude Renoult. “If your neighbors are not home and that their home was hit, try to get in touch with them, tell them,” insists the mayor.

As for individuals, damage was observed at the Brasserie du Sillon but also where Rochebonne up to the hotel Oceania who saw his flooded underground parking.

In all these streets close the furrow, yesterday Wednesday the hydrocureuses City in full swing to clear up the drains water, littered with sand and stones, dumped by the sea.

The floor of the Furrow silted in Saint-Malo
The floor of the Furrow silted. (© Jean-Claude BOURNICHE)

In terms of city infrastructure, the situation is critical in places where natural defenses gave way under the power of the waves.

On leaving Paramé towards Rothéneuf first where the waves ripped the dam of the Pont beach and opened a “breach of several meters.”

Still Paramé, the forceps of the site which has been shaken by these large successive tides.

“Since yesterday, truckloads of stone blocks arrive in the career of urgency St. Guinoux to build facilities,” explains the mayor of Saint-Malo Claude Renoult.

300 tons of stones have been delivered in two days.

300 kilos of stone blocks thrown against the walls

On the side of Central Paris, Porte St. Thomas is the hold of the fan who paid the highest price. The sea moved Thursday morning enormous blocks of stone 300 kilos which normally support the building. Some even smashed against the walls. The waves are infiltrated by this gaping hole and raised part of the lining blocks the descent of the wedge.

Since this morning, the company Eiffage is on hand to consolidate as soon as the site before the next high tide tonight. “They parent more urgent. The holes and joints are sealed with a special concrete, fast setting. A large steel plate will be placed in front of the part of the wall ripped open. ”

Saint-Malo damaged sea defences
St. Malo’s defenses have been shaken by the power of the waves. In the background, the mayor of Saint-Malo Claude Renoult. (© Pays Malouin)

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