A New Album in 2018 for Frank Ocean?

A new album in 2018 for Frank Ocean? - Colin Young-Wolff / AP / SIPA

MUSIC: American artist, Frank Ocean has again left a cryptic message on his Tumblr …

Will The year 2018 marked a new album stamped Frank Ocean  ? By discovering the publication of a new cryptic message on his Tumblr, some seem to read the announcement of the imminent release of a new musical project.

« new 18-99 »

Two years after his last album Blonde , Frank Ocean could give cover. This is due less what some qu’entraperçoivent, as the site of Inrocks , trying to decipher the last post of the artist on his Tumblr . We discover a young man wearing a yellow cap, where it is registered “If you liked 2017, you’ll love 2018”. All accompanied by a cryptic “new 18-99”.

A phrase that portends indeed a pretty neat story, especially since as recalled Konbini last November, Frank Ocean had issued a sentence that was not in doubt about his upcoming projects. “Well, I made this album before my 30th birthday. I did not just come out! ‘ Quote from an interview that I have not given, haha, “he wrote. Following the next clue?

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