Eleanor Storm: 21 Departments in Orange Alert, 15,000 Homes Without Electricity

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21 departments are still on orange alert after Eleanor storm

The Eleanor storm swept France, with one death. Thursday 4th January, 21 departments were still on orange alert and 15,000 homes were still without electricity.

The Eleanor storm is almost over, but the warning is still held this Thursday 4th January.  Meteo France placed 21 departments on Orange alert. The risk of flooding by waves rose on the departments of the Atlantic coast and Brittany but still present in Normandy. Other departments are concerned with the risks of flooding and avalanche in the Alps.

At midday, a further 15 000 households were without electricity, according to a report of Enedis. The return to normal is expected in the afternoon.

Three deaths in Europe

Eleanor is the fourth storm of the season to hit Western Europe and brought winds of up to 160 km / h. High winds and rain squalls swept across England, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Spain.

A Spanish couple died Wednesday swept away by a huge wave while standing on the pier of a coastal village in the Basque Country. In the French Alps, a 21 year old skier was killed by a falling tree in the resort of Morillon .

The storm also made 26 injured, four seriously, in France where has airports were temporarily paralyzed and stopped trains.

At Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, 60% of flights were delayed departure between 7:15 ET 9:00 ET a third party on arrival.

“To Paris and Roissy, we must go back to 2010, the famous storm Xynthia, to have such strong values ​​(…) For eight years we have not had such strong gusts” in Paris, stressed Frederic Nathan, a forecaster with the weather service Meteo France.

Ski Areas affected

Roads have also been cut by falling trees in France. In the winter, the Alps ski resorts have been particularly affected. Many of them were closed in France.

According to one of the leaders of French ski resorts Savoie, David Ponson, “on average gusting to 150 km / h, even at 250 km / h at Les Arcs 2000” were identified. “It is better to stay by the fire today.”

Eleanor is the fourth storm to hit the country since the beginning of December, after Ana, Bruno and Carmen.


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