Dijon: A Young Man of 23 Years Died of Meningitis

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A young man in Dijon has died of meningitis

A young man of 23 years died Friday, December 29 at the University Hospital of Dijon a devastating meningitis.According to ARS, it is an isolated case.

A young man aged 23 years, residing in Chenove (Côte d’Or), died at the University Hospital of Dijon Friday, December 29. There had been admitted in the day, suffering from invasive meningococcal disease (IMD).

The first analyzes establish that this is a W. meningococcal According to the Regional Health Agency, isolated case would,  no other cases of meningitis serogroup W having been reported in the last three months within this geographical area . The LRA has identified the contact subjects of the entourage to offer them preventive antibiotics. Those persons will also offer vaccination.

A comparison of the strain with that at issue in the end of 2016 the campus will be conducted by the National Reference Center (NRC). In 2016, 526 IIM were notified in France. In 2017, 19 cases were reported in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

The majority of cases occur sporadically. Serogroup B was majority (51.6%), followed by serogroup C (26.5%), serogroup Y (12.3%) and serogroup W (8.9%). Mortality was 12% for all cases. It is higher in France for serogroup W (24% in 2016).

The extension of preventive measures to a wider population is not recommended in the presence of a unique case. However, the LRA is closely following the situation of IIM to identify early any spatio-temporal clustering of cases and contribute to a possible adaptation of vaccine recommendations.

About invasive meningococcal disease 
Meningococcal is a germ that is spread from person to person through respiratory droplets through close contact. This very delicate germ does not survive in the environment, which does not require disinfection of premises used by a patient.
Invasive meningococcal infections are rare diseases in France. Meningitis is the most common form. It results in fever, headache, stiff neck accompanied by vomiting and discomfort to light. Other signs, in particular digestive or joint may occur, and the appearance of red spots on the body that are progressing rapidly.
If in doubt, consult immediately their doctor or call center 15.

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