Carrefour Plan to Safeguard Employment for 2,100 Employees of Former Dia Stores

Carrefour trying to safeguard jobs of the former Dia stores

After the announcement of the elimination of 2400 jobs in Carrefour, the group will set up a PES for 2100 employees of 273 former Dia stores, said the CEO on Tuesday morning.

Carrefour will implement a plan to safeguard employment (PSE) to the 2,100 employees of 273 Dia former stores the group will be separated, said Tuesday the CEO Alexandre Bompard.

The “ambition” of the group is to make “reclassification attractive offers” to “at least” half of them and find buyers for these stores. The  stores “are in trouble due to their unsuitability for their catchment area since their passage to the Carrefour”, a statement from the group.

Store closures

“When we will not find buyers, of course we will be forced to close the stores concerned,” said Mr. Bompard at the presentation of defense of his recovery plan. “We have the ambition to have at least half of the employees concerned to whom we can make attractive offers of reclassification. ”

“We will start discussions with the social partners,” he added, assuring that he would have a “sustained dialogue”.

The group also announced the elimination of 2,400 jobs of 10,500 in the headquarters of the group in France through a voluntary redundancy plan.

The retail giant, forced a strategic shift at the loss of speed of his model, is one of the leading private employers in France, with 115 000 employees.

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