Carrefour Announces 2400 Job Cuts in France

Carrefour Announces 2400 Job Cuts in France 1

The Carrefour group announced via a press release on Tuesday 23rd January, 2,400 jobs will be cut at the headquarters through a voluntary redundancy plan.

Carrefour will eliminate 2,400 positions at its headquarters in France, which currently has 10,500 through a voluntary departure plan, announced on Tuesday 23rd January, the group in a statement.

Two billion euros in savings

The group, which employs 115,000 employees in France, has announced a cost savings of two billion euros by 2020 full year, including through savings on logistics and cost structure, and a draft reduction of 273 stores formerly Dia past but under its own name.

A rescuers search process will be launched for these stores, which will be closed if the process fails. Carrefour will promote “systematically” a redeployment offer, the company said in a statement.

In Ile-de-France, the siege of Boulogne will be closed and the project of a new headquarters of 30,000 square meters will be abandoned in Essonne.

2000 convenience stores open by 2020

In this new transformation plan, Carrefour has set a target of 5 billion euros in turnover in the food business online and a market share of over 20% in France in 2022, precise- he said in a statement.

It plans to invest 2.8 billion euros over five years, “six times more than the investment made now” to strengthen in digital.

It will launch in 2018 a unique site in France, , to be designed to be expanded to other countries.

Carrefour also wants to nearly quadruple its turnover in the bio section to 5 billion euros in 2022, and opening at least 2000 convenience stores in the next five years.

Carrefour announces “a financial and sustainable support for conversion to organic farming ‘, with a partnership with the global organization of environmental protection WWF.

Moreover, the Chinese Internet giant Tencent and China Yonghui supermarket chain about to enter the capital of the subsidiary of Carrefour in China, according to a preliminary agreement between the three partners. Carrefour announces that it will remain the largest shareholder of its subsidiary in China.

Alongside this investment project Carrefour and Tencent announced the signing of a “strategic cooperation MOU in China,” the aim of pooling Carrefour’s expertise in distribution with expertise Tencent technology, social networking giant in China.

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