Fatal Accident in Seine-Maritime: The Driver of the Truck had Consumed Heroin and Cocaine

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Driver has used drugs the day before fatal accident in the Seine-Maritime

A man of 35 years died, Monday 4th December, 2017, in Avesnes-en-Bray. A driver had lost control of his truck. He had consumed heroin and cocaine.

fatal accident involving a truck and three light vehicles, including a utility, occurred in Avesnes-en-Bray (Seine-Maritime), on Monday 4th December 4, 2017. The driver of the tanker was taken into custody following a positive screening for drugs. Reportedly, he had used the heroin and cocaine , the day before the tragedy.

High consumption of heroin and cocaine

According to the first elements of the investigation, the driver of the truck, which had no load at the time of the accident, lost control of his vehicle. The truck then went across the road and collided with three vehicles.

The driver, aged 33 and a native of Laon (Aisne) , was declared positive for drugs after a screening. At his hearing, he admitted having used heroin and cocaine the night before the accident.

According to our information, this thirty year old had recently came out of prison, where he had stayed for … drug trafficking.

One dead and one injured

In the accident, a man aged 35 , a native of Saint-Jacques-sur-Darnétal , near Rouen, died. A second victim was slightly injured. The driver of the truck and the goods-vehicle driver, them, were uninjured.

The National Highway N31 was cut for the time of the rescue operation.

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