Near Caen, the Label Cave Wine Shop Opens

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Chardin Jean-Philippe watch on bottles of Label'Cave, new store Ifs near Caen

COMMERCE: Already established in Agneaux (Manche) and Vire, the cellar Label’Cave opened a third store near Caen …

Already established in Agneaux (Manche) and Vire, the cellar Label’Cave opened a third store in Ifs, at 1 rue Edouard Branly, between the center E. Leclerc and Biocoop store. Chardin Jean-Philippe, 37, is the manager. After 16 years of sales representation for a chocolate in the Channel, he set up this project in just one year with the approval of Patrice Lefeuvre, founder Label’Cave, with whom he trained for six months before win the International diploma WSET level 3 at wine school in Paris.

Label’Cave Ifs replaces another cellar but has kept nothing, not even its suppliers. 120 m² were completely renovated, the temperature is controlled there.

Shelves, found the French wine growers owners of the high demand such Domain Tariquet, promotion until November 18th, and Domaine Uby. There are also 150 different Belgian beers, beer in barrels of 6 liters or 30 liters, rum, cider, brandy, Calvados arranged, whiskey Taiwan, Japan, India , France (Montagne de Reims and Finistère) and of course Ireland, Scotland and the United States. The great wine vintages are available to order. For events (associative parties, weddings …) Label’Cave rents pullers beer, marquees.

“Our estimates are free”

Label’Cave also offers cubitainers wines, aperitifs homemade (punch, white currant, sangria) order in 5 or 10 liter and customized gourmet boxes (corporate gift, end of year …).

Until 18th November, Label’Cave celebrates its opening by multiplying promotional offers, including 20% ​​on bottled beers. On the 16th November, Beaujolais tasting again around a buffet.

Contact: 02 31 99 30 82. Label’Cave opened Monday from 2.30pm to 7pm, Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 12:30 and 2.30pm to 7pm.

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