More than 3,000 people gathered Sunday in Gray, in Haute-Saône, to take part in a silent march in memory of Alexia Daval.

Murder Alexia: More than 8,000 People in Gray for a Tribute to the Jogger

TRIBUTE: The young woman’s parents marched at the head of the  procession in tribute to their daughter, Alexia Daval … They all came to pay tribute to Alexia . More than 8,000 people gathered Sunday in Gray, in Haute-Saône, to take part in a silent march in memory of Alexia Daval , the young jogger found murdered Monday near the city, […]

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Alexia Daval, jogger 29 years found murdered

Murder Alexia: The Young Woman was Strangled but not Raped, Confirm Autopsy

INVESTIGATION: The results of the autopsy allow investigators to focus on the reasons of the murder which still remain unclear … Alexia Daval , the young woman found dead Monday near Gray, in Haute-Saône, was strangled, but would not have been raped, Has said a source this Saturday close to the case on the eve of an […]

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This Thursday, November 2, flowers filed with the PMU bar parents Alexia Daval, the missing jogger Saturday morning in Haute-Saône, whose charred body was found three days later.

Murder Alexia: A white March on Sunday in Gray as Tribute to the Young Woman

GATHERING: Mother of Alexia Daval announced the organization of a white march Sunday Gray tribute to the young woman of 29, killed in Haute-Saône … The mother of Alexia Daval, jogger killed 29 years in Haute-Saône , found the courage to say a few words on Thursday late afternoon. First to thank those who participated in the search […]

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The burnt body in Gray, Haute-Saône is of jogger Alexia Davel

Haute-Saône: The Burnt Body Found is that of Alexia Daval, Appeal Launched for Witnesses

The burned body found in a wood near Gray, in Haute-Saône is of Alexia Daval, 29, announced Wednesday the prosecutor of Vesoul. The burned body found in a woods near Gray in the Haute-Saône is of Alexia Daval, 29, said Wednesday the prosecutor of Vesoul. “The findings made of the body, at the scene, for criminal identification technicians […]

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