Murder Alexia: More than 8,000 People in Gray for a Tribute to the Jogger

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More than 3,000 people gathered Sunday in Gray, in Haute-Saône, to take part in a silent march in memory of Alexia Daval.

TRIBUTE: The young woman’s parents marched at the head of the  procession in tribute to their daughter, Alexia Daval …

They all came to pay tribute to Alexia . More than 8,000 people gathered Sunday in Gray, in Haute-Saône, to take part in a silent march in memory of Alexia Daval , the young jogger found murdered Monday near the city, officials said.

“According to the gendarmerie and the police, there are currently more than 8,000 people in the Hall Sauvay, not counting those who are outside,” said Mayor Christophe Laurençot.

“The time is for contemplation”

Alexia’s family took the head of this silent march party shortly after 11am. The husband, the father, mother and sister Alexia advanced by holding hands, and wore white and red roses. Relatives of the young woman followed, carrying a photo of Alexia. Anonymous came to honor him followed suit in absolute silence.

“The time is for contemplation,” insisted the mayor. ” The police , the gendarmerie and the technical services of the municipality did everything to accommodate all these people in the best conditions and safely,” he said.

Alexia Daval who went for a run on the 28th October, when not returning for several hours, her husband alerted the police of their small town of Gray, a town of 5,000 inhabitants . The charred body was found hidden under leaves in a wood near the route usually taken for jogging. The young woman was strangled, autopsy revealed Thursday in Besançon , but initial findings, it would not have been raped.

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