Caen has Links with Portsmouth for 30 Years

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Thirty years later, Ken Ellcome (left) and Joel Bruneau proceeded to sign the renewal of the charter of cooperation between Caen and Portsmouth

On 6th June 1987 the twinning charter between the two cities was signed. 30 years later, these cooperation agreements were renewed at the City Hall of Caen, Saturday, November 25, 2017.

“It is very important that we celebrate these 30 years of friendship between Caen and Portsmouth, while paying tribute to my predecessors. “ Saturday 25th,November, 2017, in the wedding room of City Hall, Joël Bruneau, Mayor of Caen and Ken Ellcome, Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, conducted the official signing of the renewal of the charter of cooperation between the two cities.

This charter, marking the twinning between Caen and Portsmouth, was signed on 6th June 1987. Ian Gibson, council leader of the city of England and Jean-Marie Girault, then mayor of Caen, had instigated.

This cooperation is based around since institutional exchanges and tourism development of the two locations, educational, cultural and sports activities, exchange of expertise and best practices.

The renewal of this agreement is to strengthen tourism development of the two destinations.

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