Weather in Lorient: Thunderstorms Saturday, Cloudy Sunday

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The weekend weather forecast for Lorient

A Mixed weather forecast this weekend in and around Lorient. The strong anticyclone of Iceland in Portugal will leave, and on Sunday, the arrival of a very attenuated front. Temperatures will drop.

Thunderstorms are forecast on Saturday, along with a cloudy Sunday, here is the weather forecast of this weekend.


Mists and fogs at dawn preceding a foggy sky in the early morning then variable in the second part of the morning and at midday with clearings and cumulus in schools.

In the afternoon, the clearings, generous on Lorient and the littoral border, make up north of a “Quéven-Lanester-Kervignac” axis with cumulus clouds. Very gentle wind from northeast in the morning, weak northwest in the afternoon. Strong-Blocked: beautiful sea. Min: 8 / 9 degrees; max: 16 / 17 degrees (from 7 / 8 degrees to 16 / 17 degrees inland). Clear skies in the evening before foggy formations; 14 degrees at 8pm and 10 degrees at midnight.


Sky covering itself at dawn with the arrival of a very attenuated front. In the morning and mid-day, the sky remains covered and quite gray with rare drizzle on the northern half of Morbihan. In the afternoon, the front, which is shifting very slowly towards the south, continues to generate a cloudy and rather dark sky with intermittent, more regular drizzle, north of a Plouay-Baud axis.

Moderate northwest wind (strength 3, gusts 20-30 km/h, 35-45 on Groix). Strong-Blocked: West swell <1m. Min: 8 / 9 degrees; max: 15 / 16 degrees (from 7 / 8 degrees to 15 / 16 degrees inland). Overcast, no precipitation, in the evening; 14 degrees at 8pm and 13 degrees at midnight.

Full summer temperatures

With nearly 20 degrees on Wednesday and 21 degrees on Thursday, the temperature in Lorient has almost reached full summer levels. Three years ago, the temperature reached 21 degrees on the 31st October when it exceeded the 20 degree threshold on the 29th October, 2009.

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