Pollen alert over large parts of France

Pollen Alert Over a Large Part of France: A Very High Allergic Risk

The arrival of the sun sign the return of pollen. For several days, the whole country has been hit hard by a large wave of pollen. Beware of allergies. The season of pollen allergies is launched! For several days , the National Aerobiological Surveillance Network (RNSA) has a particularly colourful pollen vigilance map . And with the arrival of good weather, especially in the West […]

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Meteo France has placed Northern France on Orange Alert for Snow and Ice

Snow-ice: The North Placed on Orange Alert!

Beware, the North has been placed in orange snow-ice alert for the night and the morning of the 3rd December 2017. Beware if you have to take the road at night or the morning of Sunday 3rd December, 2017 . Meteo France has decided to place the North of France in orange alert for snow and ice. According to experts, the freezing rain may […]

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A 57 year old female jogger was found dead in Northern France

Northern France: Delicate Investigation after the Killing of a Jogger

A 57 year old woman was found dead Thursday on a path between Caudry and Beauvois-en-Cambrésis (Northern France). This is a tricky business. It mobilizes the expertise of criminal investigators from the North gendarmerie since the discovery Thursday late morning the body of Ginette A., 57, found a dead walker on a path between Caudry (Northern […]

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Meteo France placed 53 departments in orange alert Thursday in anticipation of a severe winter storm in the late afternoon. The department is also placed on yellow alert for snow and ice

Morbihan: Orange and Yellow Weather Alert for Violent Wind and Snow

Meteo France placed 53 departments on orange alert this Thursday in anticipation of a severe winter storm in the late afternoon. The department is also placed on yellow alert for snow and ice. Meteo France put 53 departments in orange and yellow alert for wind, snow and ice. This alert is for a vast area from […]

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30 departments in France have been placed on Orange Alert for snow and Ice

Snow and Ice: Thirty Departments Placed in Orange Alert in Northern France

WEATHER: The risk of freezing rain must first strike the North and the Pas-de-Calais, Picardy and Normandy early on Saturday morning, before gradually win the Ile-de-France and Champagne … A cold wave moves across France. Normal, it is winter. Thirty departments of the northern half of France are on orange weather alert this Saturday morning, due […]

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Weather Alert: Thunderstorms in Northern France this Afternoon

Six departments of Northern France have just been placed in amber alert by Météo France due to heavy Thunderstorms expected this afternoon and evening. Seine-Maritime, Oise, Aisne, Nord, Pas-de-Calais and the Somme are the six departments affected by this alert whose start is expected on Wednesday from 2pm. It should be completed by 11pm. The statement […]

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