Drôme: A Hunter Accidentally Killed on the Hunt

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A hunter accidently killed in Drôme

The circumstances of the tragedy in Drôme are still unclear …

The circumstances of the tragedy are still unclear. A hunter of 70 years died Sunday morning at a battered in which he participated. The incident occurred around Châtillon-en-Diois , small village in the Drôme .

According to the first elements of the investigation, the 70 year old was accidentally hit by gunfire from one of his colleagues. The question is what actually happened. The hunter, author of the fatal shooting, was taken into custody.

A doctor arrived at the scene by helicopter to try to save the victim. In vain. The seventy year old soon died of his wounds.

Another fatal hunting accident occurred in September in the Vendee . A young 13 year old boy was killed by a gun by his grandfather. The boy had been shot in the head as he picked up a bird.

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