In Finistère, the hunter misses his target, the bullet ends up in a kitchen

Finistère: The Hunter Misses his Target, the Bullet Ends up in a Kitchen

The bullet crossed the window before ending in the wall of the house The big fright. On Sunday, a family living in Plouigneau, very close to Morlaix ( Finistère ), saw a hunter’s shot finish in the wall of their kitchen. According to information in the Telegram, the man behind the rifle was aiming at a boar but had missed his target. The bullet […]

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A hunter accidently killed in Drôme

Drôme: A Hunter Accidentally Killed on the Hunt

The circumstances of the tragedy in Drôme are still unclear … The circumstances of the tragedy are still unclear. A hunter of 70 years died Sunday morning at a battered in which he participated. The incident occurred around Châtillon-en-Diois , small village in the Drôme . According to the first elements of the investigation, the 70 year old was accidentally hit […]

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