A Motorcyclist Flashed 156 Times by the Same Radar in a Year

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A motorcyclist was flashed 156 times for speeding

ROAD SAFETY: He travelled at speeds up to 240 km/h on a road limited to 90 …

An average of ten flashes per month. A motorcyclist was stopped by the gendarmes of the motorized platoon Bethune, who suspect him of having started a road radar 156 times between late September 2014 and December 2015, reports La Voix du Nord .

The automated centre for finding traffic violations, angered by the crackling repeated his camera installed on the main road 943 in  Annezin ( Pas-de-Calais ), was on the teeth for months to identify the mysterious biker, who has been speeding at peaks up to 240 km/h on the road limited to 90. no success so far: the radar flashes indeed from the front while motorcycles have their number plate on the rear.

“In the wrong place at the wrong time”

The police have therefore set up an early evening surveillance because the radar was always triggered around 21h. And eventually stop a rolling fifties on a black motorcycle, whose work schedules could match the hours of offenses, according to the prosecution.

The rider in question for its part denies being the person sought, “I explained to them that it was not me. They were looking for a black motorcycle, I have a black motorcycle. Without humor, for them, black is black … “said he explained to the judge, as the story of La Voix du Nord . “We look for a culprit. I went in the wrong place at the wrong time, “he said, accused of bad faith by the prosecutor. The cumulative amount of fines could amount to 15,000 euros.

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