Blain. The store La Fabrique & Co burglarized

Local News
Burglars broke into a store in Blain

The thieves stole the checkout, and some valuables.

A burglary took place in the night of Saturday 28th to Sunday, October 29th at Consignment shop La Fabrique & Co, located rue Aristide Briand, in Blain.

The damage has indeed been found by a passerby Sunday morning, who noticed that the window of the sign was broken. On the spot, the police found the theft of cash , the amount stood at € 400, and some equipment , including a camera, a mobile phone, a tablet computer or some clothes.

The police also suspect burglars with attempting to operate in the same time a second robbery, this time at the store Natur House, located in the same street. The main door was left open, but nothing is reported as being taken.

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