Brexit Bill: May Proposes to Pay Only 20 Billion Euros

Theresa May proposes to pay just 20 billion Euros for Brexit

For the British government, the bill to pay for Brexit, the output of the United Kingdom of the European Union, could be closed with a payment of 20 billion euros, according to the Financial Times (FT). On the European side, the bill is estimated between 60 and 100 billion euros.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May will propose to pay at least 20 billion euros to settle the divorce between the UK and the European Union , said sources close to the matter to the Financial Times .

Olly Robbins, Councilor Theresa May for the EU informed of this offer his counterparts in various European capitals, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to the financial daily in its latest digital edition of Tuesday, citing sources s’ speaking on condition of anonymity.

Information denied on Wednesday by the spokesman of the German government, Georg Streiter. “We have not been informed in advance by the British government of any offer of negotiation”, he responded during a regular press briefing in Berlin, saying wait discourse on Brexit the British Prime Minister to do Friday in Florence , Italy.

This information is only as “pure speculation” , said Downing Street. According to the FT , it was in this speech that Ms. May must formally make the announcement.

An underrated British side bill

The British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Alan Duncan, however, has left some doubt Wednesday. “This may or may not be included in Friday’s speech” , has he said on BBC Radio 4 .

The amount that London must pay for final settlement after leaving the EU, scheduled for March 29, 2019, is one of the main stumbling blocks in the negotiations with Brussels, the fourth round should begin on September 25 .

The UK has never officially given any figures. In August, the British media quoted government sources as the country refused to pay more than 40 billion euros, while the European side, the final settlement is unofficially estimated at between 60 and 100 billion euros.

The net contribution of Britain to the EU budget in 2015, the latest figure available, was increased to 10.75 billion euros, according to documents from the European Commission and the European Parliament. The last budget, voted for seven years, runs until 2020.

Dissension on the strategy to keep

Theresa May has convened an extraordinary meeting of his government on Thursday, the eve of his speech. This initiative is seen as an attempt to join forces on EU exit strategy after his foreign minister Boris Johnson posted a position diametrically opposed to hers on the Brexit in a forum reproduced in Daily Telegraph .

He argues there for a clean break with the European Union after 29 March 2019, while the First Minister wants a transition period.

A senior UK Department for  Brexit Oliver Robbins, resigned, did on Monday . According to the newspaper  Evening Standard , this change follows the disagreements between Oliver Robbins and the Minister of  Brexit,  David Davis, chief negotiator of the United Kingdom  with the European Union.

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