Angouleme: Road Accident Voie de l’Europe

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Fiat has rolled up against a tree in Angouleme

ROAD ACCIDENT: A spectacular accident happened on the Voie de l`Europe in Angouleme, when the driver lost control of his vintage car …

A spectacular accident occurred on Saturday around 5.30pm at the voie de l’Europe towards the Farms Valettes in Angouleme. A car collection, it seems a Fiat 124, probably out for the circuit Remparts, deviated from its view of traffic before crossing the centre of the road and finally hitting a Renault Espace was happening in reverse. The driver of the red sports car was only slightly injured in the accident which halted traffic on the voie de l’Europe for nearly an hour.

The vintage car was badly banged up in Angouleme
The vintage car was badly banged up.
Cédric Lemoine Photo

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