Saint-Brieuc: Basit-Fit Opens a New Gym

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Basic-Fit are opening a new gym in Saint-Brieuc

In Saint-Brieuc, the gym of rue Saint-Benoît is soon ready. It will open after receiving the weight machines in a week.

The opening date of the Basic-Fit gym is now known. It is set to open on Friday 18th August, according to the marketing manager of French cinemas, Florian Diaz De Begar. That day, athletes can test gear from 1pm.

Basic-Fit is a fitness chain. With facilities in Rennes, Saint-Malo, Brest and Lorient, the Cotes d’Armor department remained the only one not to have attracted the Dutch company.

Three rules to follow

The brand wants to offer attractive rates, especially during openings, as is the case in Saint-Brieuc. “New members receive two free months, subject to a one-year subscription” and highlights the responsibility of the new room, Sébastien Blouet, former owner of a fitness boutique in Saint-Brieuc.

The schedules also a major argument. The room will be open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 10.30pm and weekends 9am to 4pm. The space available to fit Basic is also a plus, with 1000 m². What the fans welcome mass fitness or bodybuilding.

Once registered, three rules must be followed. The first: providing a padlock in order to put things in a locker. The second is to always bring a towel, as in any gym, for reasons of hygiene. Finally, shoes with use reserved exclusively for the room are requested.

Rue Saint-Benoît will be blocked from 16th to 17th August. Blame it on four 36 tonnes trailer. They will deliver the weight training machines for the gym, located at No. 1 on the street.

Local immense once housed the Breton hardware and the Morice furniture. By Friday, racing bikes, rowing machines and other machines invade the place. The beginning of a new era at Rue Saint-Benoît.

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