North Korea: Macron calls to “prevent escalation of tensions”

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Macron calls for de_escalationof tensions with North Korea

The French president calls for de-escalation on Saturday after the long war of words between Donald Trump and his Korean counterpart, Kim Jong-un. The two countries defy and threaten nuclear bombings respectively since the beginning of the week.

Emmanuel Macron Saturday called “the responsibility of all and to prevent any escalation of tensions” , after several days of escalation between Washington and Pyongyang.

In a statement, the Head of State expressed “its concern at the worsening nuclear and ballistic missile threat from North Korea”.  “The international community must take concerted action, firm and effective”, to bring Pyongyang “to resume unconditionally the path of dialogue”, writes the Elysee.

“Faced with this threat, the international community must take concerted action, strong and effective as it has just done in the Security Council, to bring North Korea to return unconditionally the path of dialogue” , continues the French Presidency.

“With the other members of the Security Council” , France asked North Korea to “immediately comply with its international obligations and proceed to complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantling of its nuclear and missile programs” .

Pyongyang assured Monday, August 7 that increasing sensitive UN sanctions would not prevent develop its nuclear arsenal, threatening the United States of their “pay the price for their crimes […] a thousand time ” . Since then, Donald Trump has increased the bellicose statements , the day after he promised ”  fire  ” and “  anger  ” on North Korea if it continued to threaten the United States.

North Korea capable of hitting the US

Then North Korea said Wednesday, August 9 “carefully consider” a  striking project in the US territory of Guam .

The context continued to widen with the revelations of the  Washington Post  on the progress made by the North Koreans in their nuclear program.

The communist regime has managed to adapt sufficiently the size of its nuclear warheads in order to place them on its intercontinental missiles and thus pose the threat of a nuclear attack on the world power, according to the findings of a confidential report completed the month last by the US agency for military intelligence, DIA, and revealed Tuesday by the newspaper.

weapons ready for use

Asked about possible preemptive strikes against North Korea, Donald Trump was evasive and claimed that the United States are preparing “to many different scenarios” .

Donald Trump has again threatened Friday 11th August to use force against North Korea, saying that military options are “up” and “ready to use” , despite calls to China for restraint try to calm an unprecedented verbal escalation between Washington and Pyongyang.

Earlier Friday, China had also tried to calm the rising tensions. Beijing urged the US and North Korea to “be cautious” and urged Pyongyang to avoid “shows of force”.  “We call on all parties to exercise caution in their words and their actions, and to do more to ease tensions”, said Geng Shuang, a spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

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