Ergué-Gabéric: The New Library Proving Popular

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Ergué-Gabéric: The New Library Proving Popular

The new Library and media centre breaks all records since its opening in April.

The people of Ergué-Gabéric had no reluctance to move into this new bright and modern space, warm and peaceful. They adopted their new library and made it their own, without any nostalgia for the old premises. Record attendance, record loans of books, large and small are flocking.

53% increase

The lending of books have increased for the 2nd quarter, up 33% compared to 2016. The month of May was particularly noted with 8737 books borrowed against 5722 last year at the same period, or 53% more !

Since opening on 1 st April, the library will have seen 24,522 books out of its walls. “The number of visitors has also increased significantly, with attendance up 31% compared to 2016” , says Pierre Mens Pégail, head of the library.

“All kindergartens and elementary classes that have applied were able to visit the library.There were 14 sessions for kindergarten and 19 for elementary. “ But children are not the only ones to benefit from this privilege. Residents of two nursing homes, and Ti Coat Kerhuel Douric year, gave themselves go there to discover new services such as tablets and video games. “Tablets are particularly popular with children because of their applications. We counted 112 uses as a junior against 29 adults. “ The famous musical chair also won its share of success. “It highlights our CD funds” , concluded Pierre Mens Pegail.

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