Brexit: New Round of Talks between London and Brussels

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New round of talks between London and Brussels this week over Brexit

The European and British negotiators find themselves on Monday to try to advance brexit discussions on the terms of the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, but the two sides still differ on the approach to the negotiations.

This week, a new round of Brexit discussions will take place between European and British negotiators to agree on arrangements for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Will both parties be able to reach and find a compromise despite a sum of disagreements?

On the one hand, Brussels wants the British to agree first on the rights of European citizens and the payment of the bill of divorce, another London court that the issue of future relations should prevail.

The talks on Monday are the third held a little over a year after the referendum in which a majority of British have expressed their wish to leave the EU bloc.

A press conference on Thursday

The European chief negotiator Michel Barnier will meet with UK Minister of Brexit, David Davies, 3pm GMT before further discussions on Tuesday and Wednesday.  According to the agenda provided by Brussels, a press conference will be held on Thursday.

British negotiators will argue the positions they presented last week on several points they consider paramount, customs agreements and sharing of information among others.

Recognizing the will of Brussels not to yield on the question of immigration and the rights of European citizens, the British government will ask the EU negotiators to show flexibility.

Faced with the risk of failure of negotiations scheduled this week, the Labour Party has landed on Sunday in defense of a “soft Brexit” which would allow the UK to remain in the single European market and the customs union for several years.

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