Presentation of the yellow jersey of the Tour de France 2019 with the effigy of champions who donned the prestigious tunic in the Grande Boucle, on May 14, 2019 in Romilly-sur-Seine.

Tour de France: The Yellow Jersey, a Legend of One Hundred Years

The Tour de France riders will start for three weeks of racing on Saturday 6th July 2019, in Brussels (Belgium). Around the world, it symbolizes the Tour de France. The yellow jersey celebrates in July the hundred years of a legendary and tumultuous story, nourished only by the cult of victory. The birth in Grenoble The anniversary will coincide on […]

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Theresa May returns to Brussels to break Brexit Deadlock

Theresa May Returns to Brussels to Break the Deadlock over Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May arrives in the European capital in a tense atmosphere, in the wake of a controversy created by the President of the European Council Donald Tusk. British Prime Minister Theresa May will try on Thursday 7th February, 2019 in Brussels to obtain a new compromise on the burning issue of the Irish border , despite the […]

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Theresa May wants to renegotiate the Brexit deal, but not the E

Theresa May Wants to Renegotiate the Brexit Deal, But Not the EU

The British Parliament voted on Tuesday 29th January, calling for an amendment to the Brexit agreement, which Brussels and Emmanuel Macron immediately rejected Just two months before Brexit , Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday 29th January 2019 was given by British MPs a mandate to reopen negotiations with Brussels, but the European Union immediately refused, a dialogue of the deaf with […]

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The course of the 2019 Tour de France

Tour de France: Here is the Official Route for the 2019 Competition

This Thursday 25th October, at 11.30am, the organisers of the Tour de France unveil the course for the 2019 competition. The start of the Tour de France 2019 will be held on Saturday 6th July in Brussels . If the program of the first two stages in Belgium is already known, the organisers have announced  the entire course of the 106th edition this Thursday 25th October […]

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Uefa reprograms four matches of Euro 2020 from Brussels to London

Euro 2020: UEFA in Brussels Withdraw Four Games … and Reprograms them to London

UEFA withdrew four matches of Euro 2020 to relocate them in London. Why? The inability of the Belgian organisers to ensure the delivery of the stadium project. UEFA has decided on Thursday 7th December, 2017, to withdraw four matches from Brussels for Euro 2020 and to reprogram the stadium in Wembley, London, announced its President Aleksander Ceferin. The UEFA Executive Committee decided “unanimously” […]

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New round of talks between London and Brussels this week over Brexit

Brexit: New Round of Talks between London and Brussels

The European and British negotiators find themselves on Monday to try to advance brexit discussions on the terms of the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, but the two sides still differ on the approach to the negotiations. This week, a new round of Brexit discussions will take place between European and […]

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Donald trump welcomes Emmanuel Macron to the American Embassy

Trump meets and greets Macron and “his great victory”

US President Donald Trump welcomed on Thursday French President Emmanuel Macron in the Embassy of the United States at Brussels for a first meeting during which he praised his “great victory.” First meeting between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron gathered at the Embassy of the United States in Brussels. ‘A great honor’ After the traditional […]

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Emmanuel Macron is to meet Donald Trump at the Nato meeting in Brussels

Emmanuel Macron to meet Donald Trump on 25 May in Brussels on the Sidelines of NATO Summit

FIRST MEETING: The US president called his future French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron on Monday to congratulate him … This is what the White House has announced. The two heads of American and French State will meet for the first time on the 25th May in Brussels on the sidelines of a NATO summit. Donald Trump has already called […]

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After Brexit negoitiations, United Kingdom must pay EU for its financial commitments

Brexit: London will Pay its Bill to the EU When it Leaves

The United Kingdom shall pay the costs of leaving the EU in the same way that a friend fulfills its round of beers at a pub, said a spokesman the European Commission on Tuesday … The payment of the invoice for Brexit is “an essential element of the negotiations on a separation in good standing”, […]

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Bernard Cazeneuve announces stronger security measures for France after the attacks in Brussels

Bombings in Brussels: France takes new Measures to Strengthen Security

A few hours after the explosions in Brussels, the French government has taken on Tuesday new security measures … “The threat level is extremely high.” The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who had already strengthened Saturday night the security arrangements put in place in France, has just firmed it up again. He presented this Tuesday, new […]

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