Weather: The Forecast for the Holidays in July, August and September?

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Hotter weather than usual is forecast for France in July, August and September

FORECAST: Weather forecasts ensure that temperatures for July and August will be higher than usual …

The summer season began with a heat wave in France, and the trend is unlikely to reverse, according to Météo France .

Temperatures in June were up 2.5% on the seasonal norms. After the heat wave in June 2003, 2017 was marked by the second hottest month since 1900 . Meteo France also points out that it is during the day of 21 June was the hottest in 70 years: temperatures reached an average of 26.4 ° C throughout France.

Heatwave in sight for July and August

This trend should continue for the months of July and August, with a dry and hot weather, according to Meteo France. It is likely that this wave of heat reaches record temperatures and above normal season. The forecasting agency says that the summer of 2017, has a 50% chance of being warmer than normal.

But this heat wave also may be accompanied by stormy episodes , particularly in the southern half of the country. The return of clear skies should take place in September and be accompanied by cooler temperatures.

Some welcome rain in some areas

But before we can rely on warm temperatures, the time is now to the rain . Beneficial rains for the Hauts-de-France, the Grand East and Corsica which suffer from drought.

Meteo France forecasts the weather for the current week with high temperatures averaging 27 to 31 degrees. Impairments are expected to arrive this weekend in the Southwest and throughout France on Friday. A heavy and stormy atmosphere will settle for the weekend.

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