The motorhome has never been so popular in France

The Motorhome has Never Been so Popular in France

Record number of registrations in 2018! The French and the camper is a love story that lasts. This way of travelling particularly seduces young seniors. The camper is on the rise. 23,878 registrations registered in 2018, “the historical score of 2007 is exceeded”, welcomes the union of recreational vehicles (UNI VDL). Since 2015, sales of new motorhomes have started to increase while the second-hand market is […]

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The Secours Catholique seeks volunteer families to welcome children for the summer holidays.

Pays de la Loire: Secours Catholique Seeks “Summer Families” for Holidays

Who wants to give a holiday to a child this summer? Secours Catholique is appealing to volunteer families. The family home vacation of Catholic Relief of Loire-Atlantique is celebrating its 50 years. As every year, the departmental delegation prepares holidays for children who, without it, would not go on vacation. Forced to refuse holidays to children … The delegation of Loire-Atlantique organises information meetings, as in Chauvé,  Monday 23rd April at 8pm, […]

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The traffic will be fluid for the first weekend of the holiday of All Saints' Day

All Saints’ Holidays: Are You Taking to the Road this Weekend? Will it be Fluid

This Friday 19th October is the start of the holidays of All Saints and you normally take the risk of traffic if you take the road. Good news, it will be rather fluid. It’s the return of holidays! Those of All Saints begin this Friday 19th October and will end on Sunday 4th November, for all zones. Planning to take […]

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Chateaubriant-Derval ski holidays for children under 18 years old

Chateaubriant-Derval: Three Ski Holidays for Children Under 18

The community of communes Chateaubriant-Derval offers three ski holidays in February and March, for young people from 10 to 17 years. Registrations begin on November 13, but we already know the terms and conditions. The youth service of the Community of communes Chateaubriant-Derval offers 3 ski holidays in the Alps, for young people from 10 to […]

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Closure of the Maison de la Justice et du Droit in Châteaubriant for Annual holidays ...

Châteaubriant: Closure of the Maison de la Justice et du Droit from 26th July to 22nd August

HOLIDAYS: Closure of the Maison de la Justice et du Droit in Châteaubriant for Annual holidays … The Maison de la Justice et du Droit will be closed for its annual holidays between Wednesday 26th July to Tuesday 22nd August. The Maison de la Justice et du Droit will reopen on Wednesday 23rd August, 2017 . In […]

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Hotter weather than usual is forecast for France in July, August and September

Weather: The Forecast for the Holidays in July, August and September?

FORECAST: Weather forecasts ensure that temperatures for July and August will be higher than usual … The summer season began with a heat wave in France, and the trend is unlikely to reverse, according to Météo France . Temperatures in June were up 2.5% on the seasonal norms. After the heat wave in June 2003, 2017 was marked […]

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