Thunderstorms: Fourteen Departments on Orange Alert

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14 departments have been place on orange alert for thunderstorms

Meteo France placed on Monday morning, 14 French departments on orange alert for thunderstorms in the eastern and central France. They are expected in the afternoon.

“Severe thunderstorms are expected from this evening on an axis from the west of the Massif Central in Luxembourg. The risk of hail is important and a strong electrical activity, “ wrote Météo France in its bulletin.

The meteorological agency has placed 14 departments in orange alert. These are: Allier (03), the Ardennes (08), Aube (10), Cher (18) Corrèze (19) Creuse (23), Dordogne (24) Indre (36) Marne (51) Meuse (55) Nièvre (58), the Puy-de-Dôme (63), Haute-Vienne (87) and the Yonne (89).

The beginning of the stormy episode is scheduled on Monday 31st July at 4 pm, for an estimated to end on Tuesday, 1st August at 6pm.

Unstable weather in the north, sunny in the South

The weather on Monday will be unstable in the North with alternating gray and cloudy, sunny and hot in the south, according to Météo-France.

Time is heavy at the dawn of the Aquitaine coast to Alsace. A few showers will be around in the morning with possible outbursts of thunder.

In the evening, a stormy axis will develop the northern Aquitaine to Burgundy and will extend first night of party to the German border with marked rains and strong thunderstorms with grêle.Des country of the Loire to Ardennes, the weather will be calmer with a cloudy but still bright. A few showers will fall along the English Channel.

Midi-Pyrénées to the Jura, the sky will adopt pleasing colors and warmth will prevail in the Southeast. In the evening, maritime entries will win the Gulf of Lion with the strengthening of South-East wind. In the Rhone valley, south wind will be moderate in the afternoon with neighboring gusts from 60 to 70 km/h.

Maximum temperature of 19 to 39 degrees

In the morning, the temperatures are between 11 and 14 degrees in the northwest, 14 at 18 degrees in general on the rest of the country or even 20 to 23 degrees from the southwest to the southeast.

Maximum reach 19 and 25 degrees in the Channel coast to Aquitaine, 24 to 31 degrees elsewhere from North to South,  32 to 37 degrees in the lower Rhone valley and Corsica, and 38 to 39 degrees around Provence.

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