The State will save 4.5 Billion Euros in 2017 on its Budget Alone, according to Gérald Darmanin

France will save 4.5 Billion Euros in 2017

ECONOMY:  France will achieve 4.5 billion euros in savings in 2017, in order to contain its public deficit below 3% of GDP …

The Darmanin plan. In an interview in Le Parisien , the Minister of Public Accounts details its measures and actions to save 4.5 billion requested by the Court of Auditors not to exceed the 3% public deficit in 2017. And without diminishing the numbers of officials or minimum social benefits, he said.

Without raising taxes

“We found savings of 4.5 billion euros (…) on the single state budget. Neither local authorities nor Social Security, will put to use, “says he also confirming the commitment of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, to proceed without raising taxes.

To achieve respect of the European commitments of France in terms of the deficit, the government will trim the lifestyle of ministries, whether the management of the vehicle fleet, calls for better deals negotiated. “There is no global plane hit, according to the will of the President of the Republic” Emmanuel Macron, said Gérald Darmanin.

The ministries will have to tighten their belts.

He then detailed the savings envisaged: 60 million for Matignon on its operating costs, 268 million euros in Bercy for example by reducing the cost of a digitization program, 282 million to the Department of Affairs Foreign half from a decline in official development assistance.

As for transport, the expected savings reach 260 million, with a through review of all major projects, as announced by Emmanuel Macron.

At the sovereign ministries, the Defense does not see its budget cut but it must respect the envelope already approved by Parliament, which provided a reduction in expenditure of 850 million euros.

The interior will make 526 million euros in savings, without touching the actual police or gendarmes, and Justice will save 160 million euros, “mainly real estate programming,” says Gérald Darmanin.

As for National Education; no professorship shall be waived for the school year but 75 million will be saved, whilst taking ‘all the promises of the president, including support for school assistants for children with disabilities ” , he added. Finally, the culture will also be put to use, with 50 million euros in savings over the management of the ministry.

He “will actually make structural reforms”

Confirming its announcement last week, made on the occasion of the “States General of the national accounts,” the Minister of the Public Accounts also warns that the wing will be reduced for subsidized contracts by the end of the year .

“The previous government has done 190,000 in the first five months, two thirds of the envelope provided. We will make 110,000 in the remaining months. It is the Ministry of Labor to allocate,” he argued.

Anticipating future savings to be made to keep the 3% public deficit in 2018, Gérald Darmanin warned Tuesday morning on RTL that “it will actually make structural reforms” next year.

“The policy of training and employment assistance, the issue of housing … All the themes of public policy are likely to see less to spend,” he insisted. 

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