The Caf has seen an increase in requests for the Prime d'activité

Prime d’Activité: CAF Notice an Increasing Number of Requests

ECONOMY: The government hopes to “reach 100% of the people” who can benefit from the expanded Prime d’activité from 2019 … The requests do not stop pouring in. The expansion of the conditions of access to the prime d’activité, decided in December to respond to the anger of the “yellow vests”, has resulted in an influx […]

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As every year, the State will pay an exceptional bonus, called "Prime de Noel", to beneficiaries of social minima.

Prime de Noel: Here are the Conditions to Benefit this Year

The Christmas bonus, Prime de Noel, will be paid next week to “more than 2.3 million French”. Amount, conditions … We give details It is eagerly awaited in many homes. The Prime de Noel, a Christmas bonus will be paid on Friday 14th December, 2018 to  “more than 2.3 million French people, ” announced the Ministry of Solidarity and Health […]

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From 2008 to 2016, average disposable income dropped by 440 euros per household.

Households Lost 440 Euros of Income Between 2008 and 2016

This decline in income is explained by social and fiscal reforms and concerns the middle class, according to a study by the French Observatory of Economic Conditions. This is information that should fuel social discontent  against the rise in taxes and the decline in purchasing power, in the midst of the movement of yellow vests . French households lost […]

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Government promises tax cuts for 2019

Budget 2019: 6 Billion Tax Cuts for Households, Promises the Government

Monday was presented in the Council of Ministers the draft budget law for 2019. The government promises 6 billion euros of tax cuts for households. Details. The government, criticized for its policy deemed unequal, defended on Monday the “coherence” of its draft budget 2019 by promising to restore purchasing power to households , despite savings measures decided to reduce public […]

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1800 posts are to lost in Education in France

Suppression of 1800 Positions in National Education by 2019

The Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer announced Sunday, the removal of 1800 posts by 2019 and the increase in the budget of 850 million euros. 1800 posts will be abolished next year in the National Education, “that is to say 0.2% of the jobs of the ministry”. But its budget will be increased by 850 million euros, or […]

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The Assembly has voted to increase taxes on diesel

The Assembly Voted to Increase Taxes on Diesel

FINANCE: Taxes will go up 2.6 cents per litre of diesel every year for four years. The National Assembly voted at the weekend for the increase in tax on diesel required by the government to align with that of petrol prices by 2021, to the dismay of the right. MPs voted Article 2018 draft budget providing for an increase in […]

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10 Euros for a packet of cigarettes by 2020 in France

10 euros by the end of 2020, Pack of Cigarettes to Fund the Social Security Budget

MPs voted in committee to increase the price of tobacco under the budget of Social Security, up to 10 euros per pack of cigarettes by the end of 2020. MPs voted on Tuesday in committee the rising price of tobacco under the budget of Social Security, to 10 euros per pack of cigarettes by the end of […]

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The budget of the Gendarmerie is to increase by 1 percent in 2018

The Budget of the Gendarmerie up 1% in 2018

The budget of the national gendarmerie in 2018 will increase by 1%, excluding staff costs did was learned from the entourage of the Minister of Interior, Gérard Collomb, speaking Wednesday before the function board military gendarmerie (MGR). The increase will bring the budget for internal security, including police and gendarmerie, to 2.9 billion euros, an […]

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The armies budget is to increase by 1.6 billion euros in 2018

Defence: The Armies Budget will Increase by 1.6 Billion Euros in 2018

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced an increase in the defence budget “unprecedented over the past decade.” It will increase to more than 1.6 billion euros in 2018. “We will next year increase in the budget that I will present the budget of the Armies of more than 1.6 billion euros. This effort will continue in 2019 and […]

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France will save 4.5 Billion Euros in 2017

The State will save 4.5 Billion Euros in 2017 on its Budget Alone, according to Gérald Darmanin

ECONOMY:  France will achieve 4.5 billion euros in savings in 2017, in order to contain its public deficit below 3% of GDP … The Darmanin plan. In an interview in Le Parisien , the Minister of Public Accounts details its measures and actions to save 4.5 billion requested by the Court of Auditors not to exceed the […]

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