Charente: Back to 4 Days in 40 Schools as from September

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EDUCATION: Forty schools in 34 towns, will have the 4-day week next September in the Charente …

Forty schools in 34 towns, will have the 4-day week next September. This is what was announced yesterday by the school inspectorate when NTDCs (County Council of Education). “This represents 11% of  schools” , noted Richard Gazaud, departmental secretary of the UNSA who voted against this return.

Like John Paul Pochard, the Snuipp-FSU: “it’s a real gas plant, I do not know how things will be managed for substitutes and part-time teachers.” 39 Communest had requested. The Dasen (academic services director of National Education) dismissed the requests of 5 towns (Mareuil, Saint-Genis d’Hiersac, Xambes, Courbillac and Fouqueure) “mainly because they did not have a consensus on this return , which was requested in the decree, “ says Richard Gazaud.

Furthermore, adjustments to the school board were ratified at the same NTDCs. Opening a position on the grouping of Val-des-Vignes (site Péreuil) is confirmed. The closure of an elementary class in Linars also. But the kindergarten class in abeyance, will finally open. A class will close on the RPI Angeac-Charente, while the closure is suspended in Brossac (read also in south pages). The closure of a class is also confirmed paizay-naudouin-embourie.

The Victor Hugo school, Crouin district of Cognac, will ultimately lose no classes, as part of a split of its CP in the coming year. Following the closure of schools and Ecuras Rouzède, two positions are transferred to Montbron: one kindergarten and one in elementary, plus the creation of a position “more masters classes.” Finally, the two schools of Montignac-le-Coq and Salles-Lavalette close: RPI is absorbed by the RPI Bors-Juignac.

The 34 cities that pass back 4 days, sour Ambérac, Angeac-Charente Bonneuil, Bouteville, Brigueuil, Brillac, Cellefrouin, Chassenon, Confolens Douzat, Echallat, Exideuil, Fontclaireau Gourville, La Peruse, Lessac, Lesterps, Lussac Luxé Mansle, Marcillac-Lanville, Nieuil, Oradour-Fanais Rouillac, Roumazières, Saint-Amant-de-Bonnieure, Saint-Angeau Saint-Claud, St. Cybardeaux, St. Mary, Saint-Quentin-sur-Charente, Suris, Verdille.

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