Nantes: A Man Killed with a Knife to the Throat on the Tram

Local News
A man killed on the tram in Nantes, being stabbed in the throat

A 22 year old man was killed on the tram in Nantes, at the Hôtel-Dieu stop, on the night of Thursday 20th July to Friday 21st July. He received a knife wound to the throat after an altercation with several people.

At 0.30am, this Friday 21st July, a man of 22 years received a stab wound in the throat, while he was on the tram Nantes. The attack took place at the Hotel-Dieu stop in downtown, while tramawy was about to leave.

An altercation took place between four or five people, during which the victim would have received a knife wound. The young man came out of the tram and rushed himself to the emergency teaching hospital, where he died. His attacker fled.

The investigation was entrusted to the judicial police in Nantes. Police seized the tapes of video surveillance tram. They are being analyzed to try to identify the attacker.

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