A Sperm Whale 25 Meters has Died in the Heart of Paris?

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A whale was stranded in Paris

It was found in the morning on a bank of the Quai de la Tournelle, two steps of the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

It is there, stretched out full length on the Quai de la Tournelle, two steps from Notre Dame Cathedral. This Friday morning, Parisians discovered in the heart of Paris, a 25 meter sperm whale, beached on a riverbank. Scientists in white dress bustle around the whale to try to unravel the mystery. “It’s amazing that, protested a Parisian passing near the animal’s corpse, which escapes a pestilential odor. I live in Paris since I was 9 years old, I’ll be 75 and I did not expect to see it one day. “A passerby abounds. “From a distance I thought it was a statue, but I saw the scientsts making investigations”, and adds “has it come to this? ”

Call from the morning to the Paris police headquarters. “It is information, but it still seems odd that a whale could jump the locks. “There are seven, just between Rouen and Paris. But after all, why not ? And if he had sneaked quietly between the boats to each of them? At the bottom of the water, neither seen nor known. Because, well, if some were  swimming in the Seine, you can not say that it is really translucent.

“You think it has legs? “

So admit: our whale up the Seine. The water is not salty but it was only to say that there is snorkeling. When you live under water all year, it should not be that complicated. And presto, it is in Paris. Quai de la Tournelle, something intriguing: under the stranded whale, sand, while there is none to Paris-Plage. It has devised a few seconds this cetacean to walk with her little bundle of sand to remind him home, but the first doubts appear (yes, only at this time).

And how this whale has it failed on a bank? “You think he has your pet’s paws? “At the prefecture, we like to be humorous. Doubt sets in: what if it was not real sperm? Yet nearly everything seems true. His skin is covered with abrasions.

An event is back in memory. There is one year, a sperm whale was stranded in Rennes . It was almost believeable. Actually, the beast, fiberglass, was crafted by a group of Belgian artists, Captain Boomer for the Rennes festival , The Fallen of the night. Last index: scientists who are active around the whale all have a Belgian accent. We must solve it: this whale is not true. The mayor of Paris swears she is aware of everything. The facility should stay until the end of the week.

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