Manitou, A double-digit growth in the First Half of 2017

Manitou shows a double digit growth for the first half of 2017

With + 17% compared to the period January-June 2016, the Manitou Group, headquartered in Ancenis (Loire-Atlantique), after displaying an “excellent” first half of 2017.

“The group has an excellent half with strong growth in activity resulting from acceleration in global markets, including rental companies, and strengthening our performance because of market share recognized products and services and enlargement from the range. “

Michel Denis, CEO of Manitou, the world leader in handling all terrain, which is headquartered in Ancenis, has reason to celebrate.

“Our order book reached a record”

The lights are at green. With 805 million euros in turnover in the first half 2017, the group recorded a double-digit growth: + 17% compared to the first half of 2016.

With these excellent results, the prospect of annual growth in turnover is estimated more than 15% compared to 2016 as well as the order book is provided.

“ Our order book reached a record, and its flow will last beyond 2017 “, announced Michel Denis.

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