Blocked Roads, Flooded Homes … Nantes has a lot of Rain

Local News
Torrential rains fell in Nantes

WEATHER: Heavy rains have battered Nantes on Sunday late afternoon. The department had not been placed on orange alert …

Houses and flooded parking lots, closed roads, cars trapped … While Meteo France placed 17 departments on orange alert for thunderstorms on Sunday night, torrential rain fell, at 6pm in the city of Nantes. The department of Loire-Atlantique however, was not placed in vigilance. According to the Weather Channel, more than 50 centimeters of rain had fallen in some places of the city.

The firefighters coordination center is overwhelmed with calls for assistance interventions, reports the daily Ouest France . At 9pm, they counted 265 reports and interventions related to flooding, mostly in Nantes. According to witnesses, the storm had only lasted half an hour but was of rare intensity.

Some streets are closed to traffic. In others, the cars are trapped by water. Houses, cellars and parking areas are also flooded.

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