Weather in Lorient: A Sunny Afternoon this Sunday

Local News
On Sunday afternoon, the sun will be generous in Lorient and the coastal border.

According to our latest forecast for Lorient and the surrounding area, the anticyclone folds over the Azores leaving little active fronts along the Channel coast, so a wonderful sunny afternoon.

This Sunday

Morning . Low clouds at dawn evolving into a sunny morning and a variable and very sweet mid-day clouds and cumulus.

Afternoon . The sun, generous Lorient and the coastal border with Brittany summer sensation, decorates, north of Quéven-Caudan Kervignac-axis, cumulus, sometimes developed.

Wind . Northwest wind very low at dawn low in the morning, moderate freshening in the afternoon (3 strength, gusting 20-30 km/h, 35-40 Groix and the coastal border).

Houle . At Fort Blocked: westerly swell <1 m.

Temperatures . Min: 13 / 14 degrees; maximum: 22 / 23 degrees (12 / 13 degrees to 24 / 25 degrees inland).Clear in the evening; 21 degrees at 8pm and 15 degrees at midnight.

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