UK: “Liar, Liar”, the Anti-Theresa May Song is a Hit

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"Liar Liar", the anti Theresa May song is tipped to become number 1 in the UK

MUSIC: The title is the first place in sales this Friday …

The future summer hit? More than a million views on YouTube  and over 30,000 downloads in five days for the anti-Theresa May song, Liar Liar .

” Liar Liar continues to climb to third place in sales and is now heading for the number 1 on Friday,” according to the weekly rankings, said the British charts on Wednesday.

Several radio stations refused to broadcast the title on their airwaves

“She’s a liar, liar, no, you can not trust him, no, no, no, no.” These are words taken from the song  Liar Liar  anti-austerity Captain Ska group. This title, which criticizes the British Prime Minister, made a big hit. The song is interspersed with excerpts from speeches of Theresa May where she said to want “a country that does not work just for the most privileged,” says she will not call for early elections, contrary to what finally passed.

For Captain Ska group: “The success of our song shows how people are sick of the government of the rich for the rich,” he said on his Facebook page. The profits generated will be donated to food banks and movement The People’s Assembly Against Austerity (the People’s Assembly against austerity). Jake Painter, member of the group, this buzz “shows how the music industry has become apolitical”, and called for “show and party” outside the offices of the BBC on Friday. Like other stations, the BBC refused to broadcast the song, “Our charter requires us to remain impartial and the UK is currently in the election period,” defended a BBC spokesperson.

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