In Mayenne, Drought Away but Still not Enough Rain

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Although recent rains has eased the drought in the Mayenne, it is not enough

The rains of recent weeks have eased the land in the Mayenne department. But the drought may return if temperatures are higher than usual.

Mayenne is not one of the five departments that have issued orders restricting the use of water.  Inevitably, the land is still heavy water, in places, after the rains of recent weeks. “These rains have avoided excessive drought, admits Christian Manceau engineer at Meteo France in Angers, but it should not be as it lasts. As temperatures remain high for the season. “

High temperatures

With an average of 80 mm of water, the month of May was wetter than normal in Mayenne (72 mm). But that does not reverse the deficit curve observed since the beginning of the year. 20% less water (248 mm) compared to the normal (341 mm) .We reached even 30% less water since September in Mayenne. As much precipitation that have not fed aquifers as surface.  Result soils, drought could threaten if the weather forecast for summer 2017 prove accurate.

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